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    Indians sweets are a special part of the Asian culture. Different regions have their style of sweets and desserts that are unique to themselves and for  East Asians, there’s many to chose from. If you are looking for Indian sweets in Vaughan then you have come to the right place.
Indian sweets are a specialty of Can-Asia that goes back right to the early day of our store in Vaughan. We have a variety of sweets that suits everyones taste. Here are some of the indian sweets we offer:
Gulab Jamun-
A family favourite, gulab jamun is paneer that’s made with special syrup and sugar that’s deep fried. A delicious treat for everyone.
Gajar Ka Halwa-
This dish is prepared with carrots and almonds and is one that is hard to resist. Prepared by a mixture of grated carrots, ghee, and sugar this is a dish that’s a perfect dessert for the winter months.
Jalebis are made out of a flour batter that is poured into a fryer. Pouring the batter into small irregular shapes fries the flour into what we are used to seeing when we see jalebi. Once fried, the jalebi are dipped in a syrup that gives them their distinct sweet taste.
Ladus have a delicious thick sweet taste. Its hard to describe but it’s kind of like a doughnut that crumbles in your mouth. it’s made with flour and mixed with raisins and nuts like cashews or almonds. It’s definitely one of the most popular Indian sweets that’s around.
Barfi is something special because it’s given as gifts for special events like weddings or as a way to offering felicitations for a newborn in the family.
My favourite is probably Burfi. I usually eat it after a meal at a  dinner party. Having a piece of Barfi with tea is definitely something special.
     One thing that needs to be considered is that with everything there comes pros and cons. And with eating sweets this is especially true. Most of the recipes for these sweets have a lot of sugar so it’s best to enjoy these foods in moderation. In the Asian community diabetes is a serious health concern and eating Ladus or Jalebis whenever you feel like it can cause problems.
     I personally restrain myself from eating things with lots of sugar but once in a while, I will indulge. For example, if I’m going to have some Burfi I’ll split a piece with a  friend or only have half a piece and save the rest for another time.
     One thing I find helpful is that if I’m going to eat multiple pieces I will also eat some activated charcoal along with it. Activated charcoal is something that helps absorbs poisons in your body. It’s powdered charcoal that comes in pill form. Eating one or two of these pills can help absorb some of the bad ingredients that you are consuming.
     Having said that everyone is different so you have to do what’s best for you. A general rule of thumb is that moderation is key. Avoid over-indulgence and if you usually eat healthy then adding gulab jamun to your cheat day isn’t that much of a problem.


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