Halal is an Arabic word roughly translating as ‘permissible’ or ‘lawful’, this means any action or object which, according to Islamic law, is permissible to do or use. When referring to meat this usually applies to a specific method of killing the animal and storing the meat. Although there isn’t one set method that is agreed upon by all as halal there are a few points about which there is general consensus through the majority of the Islamic population. Let’s take a closer look:
  • First animals must be killed in the name of Allah, no other god.
  • Second the animals throat should be slit and the blood drained without severing the spinal cord
  • Thirdly, it is vital that halal food must not be prepared or stored near non halal items (foods or alcohol) in order to avoid contamination.
Whilst there are some variations regarding what is considered halal food in general, with regards to meat the above three points are fairly common standards for it’s handling.

Getting Halal Meat in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada

The exceptional multiculturalism and ethnic diversity in Canada means a growing industry for halal meat. Being the fastest growing city in Southern Ontario, with an ever increasing population, halal meat in Vaughan is definitely in demand with current rates of around 2.4% of the city’s 288,000 people following Islam. Of course halal meat in Vaughan is currently by no means impossible to come across with several shops, restaurants and butchers selling halal options and even dedicated halal retailers tapping into the market. Supply and demand economics and capitalism have dictated the availability of food types since the beginning of the commercialization of the idea of dining. With consumers in Canada enjoying unprecedented levels of disposable income meaning we now have more money than ever before to spend on eating and the increasing globalization and internationalization of the market giving us more food choices then ever before it’s hardly a surprise that there is a growing demand for halal foods.


With eating trends what we usually see is a surge in demand, a massive increase in supply and then this food type becomes a common addition to a menu. This became apparent with vegetarian food, organic ingredients, locally produced goods and low calorie options and is currently seen to be occurring with vegan food, gluten and wheat free items. When considering the prevalence of this trend and the growing Islamic population it seems like a natural progression for halal options to be incorporated into what is perceived to be the norm. One could take from this that it is only a matter of time before places start to take note of this growing market demand and respond to it by increasing the supply. It will be an interesting thing to observe the availability of Halal meat in Vaughan over the next few years, it looks likely to increase and it could potentially reach the point where the majority of restaurants begin to offer halal options alongside their traditional menu.
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