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Our store

Can-Asia is located on Jane Street just across the street from Canada’s Wonderland. If you’re coming from Highway 400 you can take the Major Mackenzie exit and drive east towards Jane Street. Go south and we’re located on the left.

We offer some of the finest halal meat in the GTA. Our in house butchers are available to provide fresh halal meat that’s cut as requested. Whether you’re looking for steaks for your BBQ or hosting a davat, we have you covered.

Halal Meat In Vaughan

The term ‘Halal’ is frequently used in the Islamic religion and we come across it in many restaurants and eating joints. However, very few non-Muslims understand what this sacred word means and how much value it holds in the lives of devout Muslims. Simply explained, Halal means anything that is permissible in Islamic culture. The opposite of the word is ‘Haraam’, which means something sinful and although it is mostly used in terms of talking about food or drink, Halal is also applicable to other areas of life. You may have often heard of Halal meat products and these are specially served by certain specialty restaurants and stores only as there is a definite traditional ritual which precedes the production of such kind of food. For starters, Halal meat is one which wherein the slaughter is done by a Muslim person who invokes the name of Allah by saying, ‘Bismillah’ and then repeating ‘Allahu akbar’ . There is a specific way in which the animal is required to be cut to be called Halal meat. The animal’s death is caused by cutting the windpipe, throat and blood vessels in the neck while it is alive. The spinal cord should remain untouched and the blood from the veins has to be drained.

Can-Asia Grocers- The Centre for Premium Halal meat in Vaughan

While there are a number of eateries which specialize in preparing Halal dishes and serving them to patrons, there are hardly any grocery stores in non-Islamic countries which offer fresh, raw Halal meat. The best place in Toronto to obtain this kind of meat is Can-Asia Grocers which make sure that their Halal meat is created using a special production method, keeping in mind the traditions of the Middle Eastern and Asian cultures. Halal meat is one in which although the animal has been killed, it meets its end in a humane way and not roughly slaughtered in a mass produced factory like the general meats are. Can-Asia Grocers employs a humane technique of getting healthy and delicious products on the butcher’s counter for customers who have apprehensions regarding production ethics. The Halal meat is sold at reasonable prices so that every Muslim can take it home to cook for themselves and their family. Halal is a tradition of respect to animals which brings about tasty and fine-textured meat for the consumers.

Can-Asia Grocers is the one stop shop for Asian, Middle Eastern and Turkish cooking ingredients

Located in Vaughan which is close to Canada’s Wonderland, Can-Asia Grocers has an array of the best in quality ingredients that are required to make Asian, Middle Eastern and Turkish dishes. They offer these grocery items at affordable rates alongside regular Canadian groceries. Its specialty is the Halal meat it sells which is unarguably the softest, most tender and juicy kind of meat available in its area. People who have their apprehensions can ask for certification that proves that the meat sold at Can-Asia Grocers is indeed halal or not.

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