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The Finest East Asian Groceries in the GTA

East Asian Grocery Toronto

Situated in Vaughan close to Canada’s Wonderland, Can-Asia Grocers stocks top-quality ingredients at the best prices for Asian, Middle Eastern and Turkish cooking in addition to regular Canadian groceries.

Eastern Delights

Asian cuisine features rice, fish, meat and vegetable dishes cooked with a selection of unique spices. Middle Eastern cooking is famous for its freshness and health value, with a range of meat and vegetable dishes both cooked and cold gracing the table. The cuisine of Turkey is well known for its variety of dishes with pulses, bulgur wheat and eggplants. All the finest ingredients needed to make these dishes are available at this East Asian grocery in Toronto.

Halal Meats

In Arabic, the word ‘Halal’ means permissible. When it comes to meat production, this means that procedures which respect tradition are kept in mind to ensure that the meat is more tender, healthier, tastes better and stays fresh longer. The Halal method of meat production is humane, and in line with a cultural tradition of respect to animals. At our East Asian grocery in Toronto, the Halal counter stocks best-quality meats for a selection of dishes.

Take Away

It is easy to sample the delicious dishes made from ingredients available at our East Asian grocery in Toronto. A tandoori take-out service includes a range of Indian food with savoury dishes such as curries, samosas, chana masala, chicken tikka, and tandoori chicken, to name a few. For sweet tooths, treats include mango lassi and the sweet dumpling dessert gulab jamun. Advantages of the tandoori take-out include a lunch menu as well as vegetarian options and family packs.

Overall, Can-Asia Grocers is a one-stop-shop for the very best Asian products for all your cooking needs, in addition to providing tasty, quality take-away dishes for customer convenience at budget-friendly prices.